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La Vega, 33345 Ribadesella

Proximity to site: 400 meters.playa de vega1

Playa de Vega is the beach which gives its name to the campsite.

It is the longest beach riosellano council, very suitable for surfing, located in the town of Vega, in Ribadesella and northeast of Berbes.

Almost all of it is located southwest of the mouth of Holly.

Emphasizes in her dune surface, which spans much of the edge of the beach..

The sand also has a rocky area, but dominates the fine sand and tan..

It reaches a length of 1,440 m and a width of 300 m. Its total area of 201,600 m2 with the tide is reduced to 24,000 m2.

Its setting is rural and vehicular access through the gorge run Entrepeñas.

The abundance of flora dune beach makes this one of the most interesting points of the Asturian coast botanical.

As already discussed, the Playa de Vega is very conducive to surfing. It is a beach that has a small NW swell. Practicable with every tide, with waves of meter by meter and a half.

The bottom of the Vega beach is sandy and has several peaks varying lengths and maneuverable.