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Proximity to site: 17 kms.

In the heart of the Asturias Jurassic on San Telmo Rasa in Colunga, is a huge oceanfront ignita (footprint) that houses the newly opened Jurassic Museum of Asturias. A unique building floor 2000 meters traverses a particular moment in Earth history, the Mesozoic, and its protagonists: Dinosaurs.

  Its distribution in three areas allows for a space dedicated to the permanent exhibition on the ground floor which is based on much of the educational activities and outreach of MUJA. The second houses the area for temporary exhibitions, constantly being updated as the third which collects the necessary infrastructure for scientific activities, asset management and informative museum.

The structure of the course is structured through a chronological sequence, starting with the moments before the Mesozoic, Mesozoic himself and later eras to the present. With a floor space of 4,200 square meters, the exhibition Asturian comprises three elliptical arches strung together inside left completely open space.