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Guadamía beachbufones de guadamia3

Proximity to site: 13 kms.

Llanes is a beach that separates the councils of Ribadesella and Llanes. On the beach Guadamía Guadamía River empties, which gives its name to this beautiful beach.

Access to the beach Guadamía is good, you get to drive it, but you have to walk down about 50 m.

The beach is a real paradise Guadamía. At low tide you can enjoy a fantastic sand where you can walk and swim. At high tide, we have a great creek, envy not anything like the Caribbean, where they enjoy a pleasant view.

Here also Pría jesters who are cracks and open fires in the rock cliff by the ocean waves that push the water with great force, forming on the surface of water spray jets, geyser-like, visible from the outside and that can reach more than twenty feet high.

These formations are found in limestone, originated in the dissolution of rock by the water, leaving a sea chimney communicates at its bottom with the surface of the cliff.

At high tide, and the sea is strong, a large volume of water pushed by the waves with great force enters the bottom of the jester, and up the narrow channel causing a whistle or snort characteristic is the name given to the formation.



Beach sea Caves

Proximity to site: 19 kms.

In the village of New, belonging to the municipality of Llanes, born a road to the Cuevas del Mar beach, 2 km from the village.

Passing by a great natural gate, a nice arc formed in the rock, we enter the parking and the beach itself, an announcement that the capricious karst cliffs, are the stars here.

At low tide, are more visible even caves that water has carved into the rock of the cliffs, forming a sculpture in the form of doors.

It is well equipped with showers, garbage disposal, rescue and terrace bar despite not being a large beach.


Gulpiyuri beach

Proximity to site: 23 kms.

The Gulpiyuri beach is a small but impressive beach north of the village of Naves, halfway between Ribadesella and Llanes.

It has been declared a natural monument. Only you can walk from the beach of San Antolin or from Ships and its isolation has allowed the relatively good preservation of this small and delicate natural jewel.

The depth and size of the zone allows only water to soak lying, but it is well protected from the wind.

It is a small beach located inland sea but among agricultural green pastures. In a steep coast sea limestone was creating a cave inwards and the back of the cave collapsed, (a phenomenon known as karst sinkhole), leaving a small circular hole about 50 m in diameter, 100 m of the coast.

This collapse is connected to the coast and into the sea water, also noticing the tides and featuring a sandy beach.

Torimbia beach

Proximity to site: 26 kms.

Torimbia Beach, is located next to Barro and Niembro in Llanes, with access to its vicinity, shot.

You can park your car in a parking lot for that purpose and get to the beach via a pedestrian access.

Torimbia Beach, is located in a completely rural, consists of sand and is about 500 meters long. No services available.

It is a protected landscape of the East Coast and is the main nudist beach Asturias. Its high landscape value can be seen from the observation deck located between the beach and Torimbia Niembro.

This beach is usually also paragliding, fishing and diving.


Rodiles beach

Proximity to site: 25 kms.

The beach is a large sandy Rodiles the center of the Asturian coast belonging to Villaviciosa, located at the mouth of the estuary of Villaviciosa.

It has fine sand and is about a mile. It is suitable for the practice of various sports, especially surfing, which along with the scenic beauty attracts large number of tourists. Rescue equipment available in summer.

Within this enclave Asturian, we find three types of beach within the same: a beach, known as Rodiles, which is very long and where the sea has its famous waves, the other known as Miami, which is a small cove where the sea enters through the stones and it only has water during the rise of the sea and the tide, and a small, known as "the camp" where in addition to being in front of the beach bars, we have canoes and skaters.

Here the sea and continuously present, but also dependent on the tides. In all these beaches are available rescue service.

We can not forget, either, one of the great charms of this beach, "The ocalital" which is a huge eucalyptus plantation that extends the entire strip longest beach, providing the possibility of having a nice shade so as a natural environment in which to eat with the family.


Arenal de Moris beach

Proximity to site: 7 kms.

This beach of fine golden sand, has a length of 800 meters and has vehicular access and parking, offers first aid, and cleaning services, as well as disabled access.

Next to the park there is a bar-restaurant. The beach is shaped like a shell, medium hazard and windy, so it is very suitable for sailing, surfing, etc..

To get there, A-8, in both directions, until Caravia exit 337, take the N-632 direction Prado, about 100 meters turn right, two kilometers from here to the beach.